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For custom web design size is an important factor which determines the quality of a web page. But there’s a twist to the previous sentence, because the measure we’re interested in here is the number of viewers. You have to decide what kind of audience you are and the number of viewers you are interested in. Surfers temperament is a different but also important issue while deciding the number of views per day you want your website to see.

There are about one billion surfers on the internet every day.

When planning and designing a website, it is very important that you decide what fraction of the one billion users you are targeting and what fraction of surfers you want to impress.

This should be decided before you approach a web designer. There are three main reasons for deciding on audience size. The first reason is to determine the back-end requirements. The second reason is for you to estimate costs. You’ll already have a fixed budget before approaching a web designer. The third reason is to estimate income.

Web design never stops with just creating attractive web pages, nor is it just a sequence of many pages. It is a collection of many elements that work together simultaneously. Back-end elements such as bandwidth allocation and programming scripts form an integral part of web design. Another important back-end element that determines the quality of your website is storage space. If the number of people visiting your website increases, it creates a hurdle for many surfers by slowing down the overall download speed. To manage this traffic, you will need more bandwidth, so that more data can be sent in a limited time frame. Bandwidth determines the upload speed of your website.

Bandwidth utilization characterizes system efficiency.

Complete efficiency is determined by the full utilization of the entire bandwidth. But if a website has more traffic than the allotted bandwidth then surfers will have a hard time downloading your website. When such situations arise, it is better to negotiate with the hosting company responsible for your website. You can ask the hosting company to increase the bandwidth allocation with certain adjustments in payment. However, bandwidth is only one of many back-end factors when it comes to web design.

The cost of maintaining a website is also an important back-end factor that should be taken seriously. If the website in discussion becomes very popular, the more money it will cost to maintain it. Maintenance costs increase proportionately with popularity. This is especially true for websites that deal with business transactions such as selling certain products ordered through your website.

The main purpose of a website is to get website help. it must have a business large enough to cover web design costs as well as for overall business growth. To go with a business there must be a lot of visitors on your website.

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